About Yuan Yu

Company Overview

Founded in March,1999
Capital: NT$63 million
Number of employees: 50 people
Factory area: 2500 square meters
ISO Certificate: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14000 
Main products: Metal stamping, Automobile parts, Motorcycle parts, Home appliances, Motor shells, Computer parts, Electronic parts ….etc.

Vision : Create extra value on products.

Mission : Offer high-quality & innovation products.

Slogan : Innovation, Customer satisfaction, Full participation on quality management.

Yuan Yu Group Certificated, Patent Acquired, Award Acquired




In 2020, we received a Award from Taipei City Industry

In 2010, received the Innovative Technology Award from GE

We design the cap which is a special structure for bottle. It can prevent foreign substance entering the beverage bottle in order to preserve the flavor of the drink.

YUAN YU Group Organization Chart

Company History

  • 1999: Yuan Yu established in Shulin, the major business is stamping die
  • 2003: Yuan Yu cooperated with Fong Kai to produce molds for GE USA.
  • 2005: Yuan Yu relocated the factory  Xinzhuang.
  • 2005: 600T stamping press was set in the factory.
  • 2006: Yuan Yu cooperated with Flex Ltd to produce industrial computer housings and metal parts.
  • 2007: Yuan Yu received ISO9001 certificate.
  • 2007: Yuan Yu cooperated with YEUN YEOU to produce frame of LED   screen for Huaying.
  • 2008: Yuan Yu invested more presses for 160T and110T. 
  • 2008: Yuan Yu cooperated LIAN HONG ART to produce laptop hinges.
  • 2009: Yuan Yu became a qualified supplier of Sanyao.
  • 2010: Yuan Yu became a qualified supplier of Panasonic.
  • 2011: Yuan Yu relocated the factory in Linkou.
  • 2012: Yuan Yu developed more production line in Linkou.
  • 2012: Yuan Yu built molds for Electrolux home appliances.
  • 2015: Received ISO14000 certificate.
  • 2018: Yuan Yu cooperated with Lemtech Co to produce TONAL sports equipment.
  • 2018: Yuan Yu invested in Vietnam and set up a new factory in Hanoi.
  • 2023: Plan for Smart manufacturing system 
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